Readability as an Issue

When an author inscribes on the page, readability is the common issue for the reader. Here what we want to highlight that we will not concentrate on linguistic area as right now our blog core motive is “how to write text within SEO context”. To support my reason “a page design for a SEO purpose the text associated to it, should comes naturally. Which means do not let people think that you are a terrible writer? Your text should be in such a manner that they can easily extract the idea, what you and your business services are for and how they can assist. Now the question is “how to do that”, so here are some tips which we concluded from writing and SEO proponents.

  • Make a keyword research, and extract the LSI keywords that are somehow related to content, I mean to list the synonyms. When one inscribes for his / her services, it is somehow “repeated key phrases” comes in the content but excess of that makes content dull and gloomy.
  • Use soft words and sentence should not be more than 20 words.
  • If you can use the words of vernaculars, don’t hesitate to use it.
  • When one switches to buy product or services, he / she do so for a problem solving or assistance. So make a little bit introductions to problem and how you can help them.

So most important is to write naturally, its “ok” the search engines consider the frequently repeated words as main key phrases for the page and give weight accordingly. But ultimately it comes to the user, who will read it and take service from you. Repeating you main keyword can be very irritating and believe me, there is a great probability of user to switch off.

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