Search Engine the best Artifact

With the advancement in science and technology and economic base of commerce leading to the new way of thinking and doing work. The boom of internet is effecting the contemporary era. There are infinite pages or say astronomical range of page counting on numerous websites. It is probably assumed that there are around 30 billion pages the only option of get access of such enormous data on website; obviously the search engines. With the expansion of WWW various search engine jumped in the play field, trying to stimulate “see here is the dad”.  There database is growing rapidly, and searches are grew in thousands threw out the world. It is well known that Google share in search industry contribute a huge share. But there are other search engines which are targeting regionally and people are using them.

Well, with the digitization of records, glossaries and references, enabled us to capture information in seconds or say just in clicks, taking a real life example of intranet of an organization it providing a handy information and file sharing in a particular area. Earlier in traditional way of searching, which usually needs lots of mind works but with development of eCommerce and computer technology, people started digitizing the content and uploading their work on the Internet in the form of service, even some are letting their user to generate content for them.

Wikipedia is well known. One can pursue any information, if there is not much content on certain section, there will be some frequent citation on the topic. All these enabling a sort of knowledge base engineering, to go through.  Coming to know the importance of search engine, some of the popular search engines use the sophisticated or having a crawler program to index the websites these programs jumps from link to link checking out there specification with own rules.  It is something “Oh, this site has duplicate content, oh keyword stuffing etc……

What the human limitation is we can’t cram each and every site, it up to the search engine, to take us with “entered keywords” in search box.  Sometimes it let me thought that internet geeks are on the mercy of Search engine.

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