Software and Hardware Support

Digitization has made every human capable of doing any work with enhanced expertise. Whenever word digitization comes to our mind, the very first thing strikes us is computer. Since its invention computer has shown tremendous intrusion in human lives. Because of its versatility in calibers and flexibility to adapt new changes as per upcoming demands, computer is now a vital commodity to everyone. With the name “commonly operated machine purposefully used for technology and education”, computer basically a combination of two entities. And these entities are software and hardware.

For uninterrupted and smooth working of our computer everyone has to be aware of maintaining their personal computers or precisely software and hardware. Software and hardware maintenance is now placed somewhere near the basic learning things for almost everyone, since its increasing demands need more or less a basic expertise in maintaining software and hardware.

Maintenance service includes both hardware maintenance and software maintenance and other supporting services. The Support Service we provide covers all support anyone need for both software and hardware products. Our highly skilled and experienced staff of technical support is always available for everyone, just one click away. Our expertise will provide the desired answers for your queries through adequate product information. The specialized IT team we have ensures timely update on latest brands and accessories. We the team of eDataIndia believes in great service primarily focused on customer satisfaction, and this is what makes us different from the crowd.

Our Software Support
Software implies to the operating system and the programs and applications on which the computer works. Caring about the delicacy of software we provide well-designed software maintenance and support services which include long-term and pay-as-you-go (incident-based) support contracts. Software maintenance and software support contracts we offer includes remote troubleshooting and the necessary support provided via telephone and online channels, as well as the installation assistance and the basic utility assistance. In some cases, the software support services may also include new product installation services, installation of product updates, and the migrations for major releases of software and several other types of proactive or reactive on-site services. The Software products and technologies covered under this category include desired operating system and infrastructural software. We provide our special support services for all software products which are purchased. This service is valid for a period of 90-days from the date of service and/or support purchase. The extended support services which include accessories and other software may be purchased separately.

All the customers holding current support contracts are eligible to retrieve software maintenance releases. All our respected customers are notified via email whenever maintenance releases are available, and can assess them by simply downloading the release from the company FTP site, or receiving through a CD.

Our Hardware Support
Hardware the word itself conveys its meaning well. Hardware constitutes the machines, wiring and other physical components of a computer. Without hardware there is no software and thus nothing called a computer could even exist. Hardware maintenance is a herculean and hectic task, but the skill and expertise we at eDataIndia have is impeccable. The hardware maintenance and support services are basically preventive and remedial services that physically repair. This includes contract on maintenance and per-incident repair. Hardware support also includes online and telephonic technical troubleshooting and required assistance for the setup, and all other fee-based hardware warranty upgrades. We will surely repair/replace your hand-held data collection device, if our device is found defective during the initial support period we provide. This service consists of all activities which are necessary to restore non-operational hardware equipment to flawless operational status. Our cost-effective extended service packages are also available and are firmly recommended for Pocket PC devices. Alternatively, these repairs can also be performed on a time-and-material basis as per availability. The required parts to be replaced may be new, refurbished or reconditioned. We ensure safety and durability of our entities.

Sales of all parts also include the exclusive parts bundled with maintenance contracts. This segment includes only external customers spending on these services only.

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To provide your solutions we have well qualified and experienced team of professionals, and that’s why we provide one of the best services in our industry, our professionals devote their whole dedication towards their task to execute that in a committed time frame.

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