Some eCommerce Catalog Management Challenges Faced By Every Merchant

One of the most tedious and difficult work in an eCommerce business is to do the catalog management. The reason for this is that there are thousands of products having different SKUs and at some point of time it becomes quite difficult to manage those many products. At certain point the product data becomes quite messy and contradicting. Managing and continuously updating your product data is quite time consuming and confusing task. This is the reason why many of the eCommerce merchants settle with the sub-par product information. In this particular blog we will share some eCommerce Catalog Management Challenges Faced By Every Merchant and also the solution to solve those challenges.

catalog management challenges

Top 4 Common Challenges of eCommerce Catalog Management: 

1) Updating Product Regularly

Due to the price change, new listing of other products, different colors availability etc, the merchants have to constantly keep a check on the products listed and update them on a regular basis. It’s very important to take out some time everyday to refine the products listed and make them up to date so that there is no wrong information passing out to the customer. Managing product regularly certainly kills your precious time that you could have utilized in other important tasks like operations, marketing or customer management.

2) Selling with Multiple Marketplaces

A merchant obviously sells his product in at-least 3-4 marketplaces in order to get the maximum customers. Now the biggest challenge a merchant faces when he sells in multiple channels is listing the product simultaneously. Big market places like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart have a very complicated process of product listing. Each marketplace have it’s own requirement like eBay categories are different from Amazon and they have a complete different criteria of product listing as compared to your own site. Even in the product description also you can’t mention the same description of the same product in two different marketplaces.  This is one of the most common challenges faced by every eCommerce merchant.

3) Dealing with Supplier Data

Usually the suppliers provide very restricted product information to the merchants which also become a major challenge for the merchants. The product information shared by the suppliers is also not in the same format that is required in different marketplaces and also many attributes are missing. The suppliers usually provide just the basic product description about the product as they don’t have to sell to the customers directly and hence they don’t have a burden of standardizing their product information.

4) Maintaining Consistent Data Quality

All the above stated challenges will certainly have an impact on the data quality. When you add more products or start working with more suppliers or start selling in more marketplaces, then maintaining the quality of data becomes even more difficult. There can be spelling errors, missing information, and wrong descriptions etc as all these details are filled by human body which are prone to such errors. Again maintain the data processing and quality while expanding your eCommerce store is a big challenge for every merchant.

There are number of challenges face by every merchant but there is an amazing solution to get rid of these challenges. All that you need to do is outsource your catalog management services and just focus on you Business growth.

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