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5 Tips To Improve Data Entry Quality

Research states that an accurate data entry system improves the processes of business by 30 percent. Most of the industry leaders claim that 90% of their company processes depends on data accuracy.  In a data driven trade industry, data are used in multiple ways, most precisely for research and development... Read More

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What is Textual Data Entry?

Data entry is the most mundane yet an important aspect of a business’s smooth running. Textual Data entry is a process of transferring information into the computer through software that manipulates data into computerized language. Data entry services can be done manually or through an electronic device that feeds data... Read More

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Why Ecommerce Company should outsource their Data entry related work?

The e-commerce industry has become the most competitive industry for more and more e-commerce websites hitting the web world every day.  Challenging is to keep pace with growing and changing trends of online shopping. Essential is to manage product information smartly and timely to attract or maintain the interest of... Read More