What types of efforts are required to lessen back office support services?

What is back office support service?

There are two sections that make up an office, first is the client facing section and second is the back office support service section. Back office support service section consists of the administration and support personnel, who are not client facing. Major functions of this section include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services; which are all key functions for an office to run fluidly. In short the back office support service section is one that handles core activities to the office but has no interaction with a client.

back office support

Efforts required to lessen back office support service

Since the back office support service is essential but not visually necessary there are ways to lower the efforts required to function this kind of service. Some of these efforts are expounded below to see what difference can be made to back office support service section.

  • Location – Location of the back office support section can be away from the headquarters as the functions, discussed above, are not client facing. This allows for leasing or renting an office space in an inexpensive area more reasonable. The reason for this is to reduce the overall costs by locating the office in a financially reasonable area since the work that will be done in this office is not aesthetically dependant. An effort made to lessen the work in relation to location of back office support service section can be made to increase productivity and revenue for the business.
  • Labour costs – Hiring from areas that have a large labour pool available enables in a more cost effective employee. Since the skills required for back office support service can be learnt through internships and paid programs the labour pool that is available increases. This increase in the hiring section helps to find more employees that are skilled at a cost that is acceptable by the business. For back office support service section, efforts made in this area help in reducing labour costs and hiring costs. Leading to a more effective back office support section that is in compliance with the overall costs of the business.
  • Remote work – Another effort that could be done to lower the back office support services is to employ people that are comfortable working from home. A business could offer a subsidy towards the employees rent rather than look for an office space that would cost more to rent per employee. This method of allocating work to employees that are accepting of remote working location could be a possible option for reducing overall costs. An effort such as this could possibly reduce the overall back office support service and increase the productivity of the employee.

Why you should outsource back office support service to eDataindia?

Most companies look for an easy alternative to back office support services. One such alternative is to outsource this time consuming task to another company that specializes in back office support service. eDataIndia is one such company that has the required skill set to handle the task of back office support services and the functions that come along with it. eDataIndia can handle functions such as order processing services, live chat support, virtual assistance and email support. Outsourcing to such a company that has the required experience and know-how to handle such a service is in your best interest.

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