How To Upload Product Data Faster In Magento Store?

Online shopping is no more an unknown term now, everyone seems to be like so much involved in it. The best thing about online shopping is that it has no demo-graphical barriers. Earlier even people used to hesitate buying online but with the easy return and refund policies people are pretty confident with online shopping. If you are a merchant who is selling his products online using a Magento platform and you really want to know how you can upload thousands of products faster then go through the points below: 

Top 5 Ways To Upload Product Data Faster In Magento Store:

How To Upload Product Data Faster In Magento Store

1) Feature of Bulk Import

Magneto is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for online business store as it has tons of amazing features. One such feature is Magento bulk import feature with which you can import bulk products using a single CSV file. You need to export the products from Magento store to a CSV file and understand the formatting requirements for bulk upload. But you need to be careful as there can be different layouts for different type of products. By using this feature you don’t have to upload products one by one from the back end panel. 

2) Feature of Bulk Images

Online shopping has no meaning without the image of the product and rather than uploading the product images one by one from back end, you can get it done in one shot using FTP. But you have to be very careful while doing so as each of the products should be tagged with the same SKU and name as it’s in the CSV file. Any kind of mis match would bring error in the upload and the image will not upload reflect alongside the product on the online store.

3) Adding Bulk Features and Category

At the time of preparing the CSV file only you can also add all the features and category of the products in it. Think as a customer and add all the important features like color, fabric, weight, shipping details, delivery time etc in the CSV file itself. Before doing bulk upload create category, sub category and other attributes in your Magento store and then you can relate the products with their respective categories.

4) Optimizing File Size

If the file size would be heavy then there are chances of crashing in servers. If the file is small and properly capped then it will get upload smoothly without any delays or crash. To prevent this you can make sure that you don’t add more than 500 products in one file. Make sure that every time the upload is done, you check the online store if everything is in place and there are no mistakes. If you find any errors then delete and rectify the error in the CSV file and re upload it.

5) Altering Existing Products

If you find any mistakes or any information missing in the existing products in the store then in Magento store you also can also alter the existing products by using Magento bulk import feature. All you need to do is create a CSV file and add the SKU field of the product the needs to be altered and also the field that is missing or needs to be updated.

These are some of the amazing features of Magento that will help you in uploading product data faster.


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