What Do You Mean By Data Capture and Data Entry?

Data Capture– It is a process of collecting the information and then transforming into a form which can be read and used by a system or a computer. There are different ways of capturing data which can range from the latest technologies to low-grade paper instruments used in the field.

data capture

Why Do You Need Data Capture?

Data capture can also be termed as a strategy through which it is set how dealers can collect and maintain the data and information of their customers and clients. The major goal should be followed that customer data should be of high quality and no compromise with the quality of the data should be entertained.

Recording as much data as possible from the clients is important for the dealers, especially if you have decided to create more profit from the sale procedures like repeat sales, accessories, yearly service, MOT’s.

Key Points of Data Capture

  1. What to Collect- Check if is there any previous data that can be reused and transformed into the new one.
  2. Tools of Data Capture- It provides the different ways of organizing the document files and also, allows the data to transfer to its correct place efficiently and with high quality.
  3. The Collection process- The process of collecting the data should be transparent and reusable.
  4. Privacy Regulations- The process of data capture is very sensitive and thus, privacy and protection must be regulated properly and carefully.


Data Entry- It is a method of operating an equipment to input the data, which can be in any form such as numerical, alphabetic or symbolic into a system. The data entry operator must verify and check the data carefully before entering it into the system and the data is in the form of hand-written, which has to be transcribed into an electronic medium.

Why Do You Need Data Entry?

  • It helps in managing the information which is very essential for the growth of the business. There are many factors that may directly or indirectly affect the data like time, duplication, availability, etc. Data entry services may help you to organize the data sequence wise and whenever you need you may make the changes.
  • The handling of the business also depends upon the factor that how efficient and skillful are your employees. If the data is not available, it may affect the work efficiency of the employees.
  • It can also reduce the requirement of more infrastructure and the cost spent on it such as shelves and racks for keeping the document files as less space is required to keep the files.
  • Also, it provides the security to the information or the document as the data entered in the computer is more secure and safe in the computer.
  • The information and the data are in the digital or electronic format thus, no need to print out its copies as it can be directly mailed. So that the printing cost is also saved.

Types of Data Entry

  1. Product Data Entry- Companies need to keep and maintain the record of their product details. Thus, they outsource their product data entry work. All the product details and with their specifications are mentioned in an appropriate format.
  2. Accounting Data Entry– It is kind of mandatory for the companies or offices to maintain their accounting work and record it in a systematic way. The accounting data entry services help to maintain the accounting data in any desired format as the spreadsheet.
  3. Remote Data Entry- When the data entry is to be done at a remote area then the remote data entry works as it utilizes the technology for the data entry work keeping the location same.
  4. Online Data Entry- Online data entry work is easy to understand as the name itself states that data entry which is to be done online on portals and websites, in which the resource file is in the format of soft copy.
  5. Offline Data Entry– Data entry work of transcribing the spreadsheets of information into digital format is done under the offline data entry services. Data transcribed offline into the computer or any electronic medium for the easy accessibility of data helps to get the needful data when required putting the very less effort.
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