What is Business Transcription Service?

Business Transcription Service comprises of the transcription of recorded conferences, meetings, group discussions, interviews, seminars, etc. and other different types of information exchanges in the business world. It is a different kind of transcription service which requires the work done by the specifically trained and highly-qualified professionals who understand each and every part of the business transcription services. The companies taking up the business transcription services have the expertise and years of experience in this field and consist of the transcribers who are well-qualified and have the complete knowledge of the procedure as this is not something that can be done by any random person because the high-accuracy and arrangement of the records are really essential here.

Business Transcription

How Business Transcription Services Help Companies?

Taking an external help for business transcription is rapidly increasing in today’s times and most of the companies outsource transcription services to the expert business transcription service provider so that they can focus on other business strategies and developments. Companies remain free from the worries after outsourcing the transcription services to someone who has expertise in this sector and have years of experience and knowledge as they know that these business transcription service providers can provide them the accuracy they are expecting.

What are the Features of Business Transcription Services?

  • Professionally trained and qualified transcribers.
  • Not dependant on any Voice Recognition Software.
  • Accurate transcripts for Earnings Calls.
  • Confidential, secure and fast meetings transcription.
  • Speaker identification and custom formatting.
  • Advanced scheduling and analysis.

What is the Process of Business Transcription Service?

  • Files transfer
  • Assign work
  • Approval of the project
  • Transcribe the files
  • Checking the quality
  • Delivery

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services?

Short Turn-Around time.

Most transcription service provider offers TAT of less than 24 hrs but it mainly depends on the quantity of work given and the number of professionals. Experienced professionals’ type and proofread the work so as to ensure accurate and appropriately formatted transcripts.

Cost Effective

When companies outsource transcription work, they cut capital investments, operating cost and overheads, resulting in magnificent savings and increased profitability.

Minimum Risks

Hiring in-house a team of transcribers comes with many risks. Most organization wants to outsource their transcription work to experienced and qualified professionals. Outsourcing transcription means that outsourcing service provider is responsible for any types of risk, including the management of it all. Transcription Professionals know how to handle any risks, meaning less stress.

Time Effective

Outsourcing transcription services allows the organization to focus on more important areas of their business. Organizations save time and more importantly their capital when they outsource transcription work, hence funding other projects.


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