What is Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Data cleansing or data enrichment is the process wherein the inaccurate or corrupt data is detected and then corrected. Such type of data can easily exist in the tables, record sets, or databases. However, this process is primarily used for the cleansing and enrichment of the databases. The process aims at finding the data which could be irrelevant, inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete. Once this data is found, it is deleted, replaced, edited or modified for enrichment. There are essentially two types of data cleansing tools – wrangling tool and scripting. Wrangling tool is used for interactive data cleansing. Scripting tool, on the other hand, is for batch processing.

The errors in the data could be because of the number of reasons. For example, while entering the data, the user incorrectly entered the wrong values. This will be termed as human error which is pretty common. The other reasons include errors caused during transmission, mechanical damages, storage issues, and more.

Data cleansing and enrichment tools can save a lot of money for the companies. Most of the companies face the problems related to the duplication of the data. Because of this they have to spend a lot of money in correction and fixing. The data cleansing and enrichment tools work really well to remove the duplicated entries. This helps in saving the money. It is important to employ the cleansing tool so that data can remain free of duplicate entries.

The accuracy and cleanliness of the data also helps in improving the customer’s perception about your company. For instance, if you are sending out the letters to your customers with the wrong names, the customers will not take it well. However, if you have fixed the data errors this mistake will not happen. There are many other important things in the data that need to be fixed so that such things do not happen.  Accuracy in the data also reduces the number of complaints your business will receive as there will be no mistakes.

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