What is Document Management Service?

Document Management System, more popularly referred to as DMS, as the name suggests, is the system where in documents are managed. The document management service involves a lot of things including tracking of documents, managing the documents, and also storing them. It also aims at reducing the number of papers and converting the documents into digital documents. Therefore, DMS also encompasses tracking, storage, and management of the digital documents as well. The companies that provide the DMS service to the clients are called Document Management Service providers.

Digital DMS is more prevalent today as every data and document has found its way to the computers. Therefore, the document management service provider should be able to manage and keep a record of different types of documents and their versions. For instance, if there is a particular document on the network which is being edited or modified by several users, the DMS service should be able to track and record each version. Although DMS is not a form of content management system (CMS), however, just about the edges they might overlap. In fact, DMS is considered more to be the part of the ECM or Enterprise Content Management. Therefore, it could take under its wings a few other things including document imaging, digital asset management, record management systems, and workflow systems.

Document management system or DMS becomes all the more important because of certain Government regulations. There are certain types of documents that need to be controlled as per the government norms. These documents may include, but are not necessarily limited to, users’ personal information, users’ identity information, users’ banking details, and other important details. This is the reason why most of the big companies have a web page for Privacy Policy. In case of non-compliance to the government rules could result in heavy fines as well as shutting down of the business.

The major components of the DMS include Metadata, Integration, Capture, Validation, Indexing, Retrieval, Security, Workflow, Versioning and Storage.

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