Which Back Office Data Processing Tasks Can Be Outsourced?

When there is a lot of data to work with, data processing is required. There could be humongous amount of data to be dealt with. Here is the list of the most common back office data processing tasks that can be outsourced.

which back office data processing tasks can be outsourced

Product Data Entry

The eCommerce businesses are booming and many new are coming up every day. There are a number of aspects of this business that needs to be taken care of in order to gain edge over the competition. It is important for the eCommerce company to focus on their core job, which is product sales, and avoid any distractions. The jobs related to product data entry look simple but can take away the focus of the business. This is the reason why, product data entry services should be outsourced. The outsourcing companies can do a lot of things for the eCommerce business related to product data entry including, but not limited to:

  • Product specifications
  • Product description
  • Category description
  • Product categorization
  • Price tagging
  • Online catalog data entry

Purchase Order and Sales Invoice Data Entry

Such task demands a lot of attention and a substantial setup of infrastructure and labour. But, the load can be taken off the shoulder by outsourcing such jobs to the experts. Data entry jobs pertaining to purchase orders, CMS update, invoices, memos for debit and credit, and document management can be outsourced to take the pressure off your business.

Image Data Entry

There are many businesses that have to work extensively on the images on a regular basis. The volume of image processing and image data entry could be quite overwhelming at times. This is why it makes sense to outsource the services to the right company. Image conversion, image editing, image data entry, and image indexing are some of the tasks that can be outsourced easily.

Manual Data Entry

We are living in the world where most of the data processing is digital. However, there is still huge amount of data which is in the non-digital form. There is usually a requirement to convert that data into the digital format. There are many businesses and organizations that have the handwritten or printed documents. Such data is usually unstructured. This is why manual data processing is such an important thing. There are many software programs for manual entry. But, the task could be pretty arduous and time consuming. So, it is better to outsource to the company with the required expertise in the manual data processing field.

Document Formatting

Generally, it is the publishing companies that need the document formatting services. However, there are still many other companies that have to handle bulk documentation and thus they require the document formatting on a regular basis. For instance, there are some companies that have to distribute the manuals, guides or even reports to their employees, clients, or customers. Such tasks require good knowledge of word processing. However, when there is too much of document formatting, the company may find it difficult to manage all on its own. This is when they can take the help of the outsourcing services.


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