Why Every Ecommerce Online Store Should Have Their Own Mobile App

Everyone will agree to the fact that these days the number of smartphone users is greater than the desktop users. In such a scenario when people spent most of their time on smartphones, it has become necessary for the eCommerce businesses to use mobile channels as a medium to attract the customers. There are two mobile channels that the eCommerce websites can opt for, one is mobile website whereas the other is the mobile app. The big eCommerce online stores can afford the luxury of both the mobile channels but the medium level brands have to compare and pick the best option out of these two. The comparison is made on the basis of cost, features, usability and obviously the audience they serve. 

Mobile App

Various online studies show that the Smartphone users mostly prefer using mobile apps rather than the mobile websites. Hence, going with the study it’s clear that the mobile application is a great medium to reach out to the users which include your existing customers as well as your potential customer.

Here’s let check out some more reasons why every eCommerce online store should have their own mobile app:

Shoppers Love eCommerce Mobile Apps

One thing is for sure that the Smartphone users just love to shop from eCommerce mobile app. For all the shopping lovers, various online websites also come up with great deals and discounts which can be availed when the user downloads the website app. Through various surveys it’s found that 80% of the total time spent on the mobile device is spent on the apps. This survey proves that how much users love the mobile app. Every online shopper craves for easy online shopping and mobile apps are the best for that purpose. eCommerce mobile apps are easy to install and once you have install the app you can surf the entire website in just one click, could online shopping have been anymore easier??

Boosts Profits

When customers feels satisfied with their shopping needs there is no reason they won’t buy the product and when there will be increase in the purchase then the profits will automatically increase. The more pleased users become with your products, greater will be the chances of growth of your business.

Mobile Apps Creates a Direct Marketing Channel

Apart from just the selling feature, mobile app provides various other functions to its users like booking forms, user accounts, news feeds, prices, sorting feature, search feature etc. Whatever information you want to share with your users like offers, discounts, sales etc, they can check in just a click. Mobile app also helps in creating a direct communication between the business and the users via push notifications. 

Easy way of Collecting Customer Data

One of the most important tasks of any business is to increase their customer data so that they can use and analyze the buying pattern. Mobile app is an easy way to collect information about a users preference and choices. Businesses can further use this information to deliver relevant shopping choices to the users.

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