Why Us

Entrepreneur often seeks to have an affordable team for their work and it is where eDataIndia comes in. Our work profile defines us. We earn 7+ year of veteran experience in providing data entry outsource services with a sole aim to cut the cost of our clientele and increase their overall operational efficiencies with best results to their requirements.

We at eDataIndia are a door to our client aspirations with dedicated teamwork, quite capable to furnish maximum impact on their operational cost, overall budget and create valuable options; to which entrepreneur is pursuing net for affordable work.

Our team work furnishes optimistic approach to understand verticals of any industries and manage their niche business. Our team is already assisting in e-commerce services, online stores and back office support and data management services with the help of our incumbents. Till date, our team has been a beneficiary to add values to our client requirement and served over 1500+ tasks.

As we already stated that our work profile defines us. We own a huge work experience as per requirement of our clients.  Below listed is our job and how we assist our clients

Web Designing and DevelopmentCreated websites few for US companies and India.
Customer Support / Live Chat Support / Call to  vendors in USAProjects from Plumbing industry and other online store projects are going on
Scanning/data conversionScanning and Data conversion project finished for an Indian based company of about 1 million pages and one for US company is in Process
Form Processing/ Insurance claim ProcessingWorking for a US company and process Insurance forms every day
Data Entry Services
  • 10 fulltime ongoing projects for Plumbing, lighting and hardware industry etc…
  • Business card entry work for Naukri.com.
  • Many other short-term projects were taken up from time to time and completed
Accounting ServicesDone accounting services to 2 CPAs in the US and also maintaining an account in Quick Books

Our Clientele

We are very helpful to the small business owner, who seeks a dedicated team at an affordable cost. Our clientele as on December 31st, 2012 are lots of enterprise customers covering all aspect of industry which includes Plumbing, Web Designing, Consulting, Automotive, Finance, Insurance firms, online stores owners, photographers, freelancer, real estate industry,  publishing, Medical, Institutes, Sports etc… Our bag is large.

Data Security

Data Security is a common question by clients and they mind it. As Client data security is one of the vital processes in business, we care for our customer records and take necessary steps on priority bases.  So in process Data security is control and managed at both physical and virtual level.  Our network administrator gives access to only to the project team and only the team member have permission to access the files.

Other Data securing steps

  • Customized backup and securing data on a network server
  • Disabling USB drives other physical access.
  • Password protected screens
  • Disabling Unauthorized installations
  • Best Antivirus policy
  • Secure Wireless Access policy

Hence our firms own all requirements covering our working profile to data security. We could be a very helpful destination and trusted source if you are planning to outsource.