Catalog Content Management

About Catalog Content Management
The catalog is a systematic list of items or other things arranged in a proper manner. Now the management of content given in a catalog in a systematic behavior is the catalog content management. In brief catalog content management includes services, processes, and applications used to create electronic catalog and update in an e-commerce environment.

Nowadays management of catalog content is a must required aspect in the growth of the business. As we all know that most of the companies establish their brands through various promotional and marketing techniques, the online technique is one of the latest techniques. In an online promotional activity, a sound website which contains the information about that respective service or product gets promoted via various promotional activities.

Nowadays e-commerce has evolved as a popular way of shopping, most of the people prefer e-commerce websites to buy products and services, that’s why most of the people access various websites for their requirements. So, the management of the website is a must needed activity. By managing the catalog content of a website the target can be achieved pretty much easily.

Our Solutions
We provide proper solutions to our clients and customers, we provide all required services that are used for catalog content management, some of them are as follows:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy integration with existing ERP system
  • Good search and buying experience
  • Allows different product attributes for different product categories
  • High and low resolution image formats
  • Copy and memo information for groups of products or for individual part numbers
  • Product categorization
  • Product sequencing
  • Sorts data in different formats, search and replace, copy and paste

Our quality control features are as follows:

  • User level security to enable and disable user access to change database, publish catalogs in different mediums, and many more administrative tasks
  • Track database changes on part number level by users, workstation, date and time
  • Generate report of changes
  • Provide audit trail and reverse changes

What Sets Us Apart From Others
As we have a well experienced and thoughtful and qualified team of professionals who are totally dedicated to their work and they devote their time to their work and that’s why we deliver our tasks in a committed time frame.

The Benefits You Receive From Us

  • Minimum cost
  • 24×7 support
  • Trustworthy experience
  • Transparency
  • Quality services

How To Reach Us
If you are looking for catalog content management service from eDataIndia, then call us on this number +91-11-27569422, another way to reach us is email us at or simply by filling up the contact us form.