eBay Product Listing

eBay Inc. is a US-based e-commerce company provides C2C (Consumer to Consumer) and B2C (Business to Consumer) sales services globally through internet. This is a multinational corporation and provide many products and services online to upload on its global or regional platform. This is an e-commerce website which is used as a business platform by businesses and consumers to sell and buy their products online. Many consumers post the advertisements of their used goods on eBay to sell them to some other needy consumer. eBay also serves people for online auctioning, they auction for the goods and services that they want.

eBay is one of the largest online platforms for all consumers and businesses and it serves in many countries.

What We Provide at eDataIndia
At eDataIndia we provide all required solutions during eBay listing, we take care of all aspects required for an eBay product listing and some of them are listed below.

  • Update products and services listings from time to time.
  • Upload pictures and updated them on regular basis and always try to upload those pictures which are good looking and describe the product or service listing in a better way.
  • Upload and update titles and descriptions also because this is the information which a consumer looks and analyze more so that he/she can make his/her mind to buy or not to buy the product or service.
  • We take care of the categories and subcategories also so that the product or service can be classified in a well manner and consumer has to face no difficulty during his/her search.
  • We also manage the attributes of a product or service so that it can be described with its qualities in a well manner.
  • Stock management has also done by us to keep your stock update so that the delivery of products don’t face any barrier.
  • SEO friendly URLs also suggested by us to keep your eBay profile up in the order and get better visits.
  • We also take care of various offers, discounts, and coupons also by various means.

All these tasks have been delivered by the team of eDataIndia which is highly dedicated towards their duty and totally motivated, our team performs all the duties with devotion, they are hard workers and always deliver all the tasks on a regular time basis. Our team is qualified and experienced that’s why we perform our duty with much ease.

Our Specialties

  • All-time customer support
  • Affordable price
  • Transparent policies
  • Classy services
  • Execution of tasks in committed time deadline
  • Better experience

How To Contact Us
Now, after get decide to avail the services you have to contact us by e-mail info@edataindia.com or by filling up the contact form more options are by calling us on +91-11-27569422.