Email Marketing Services

Primary! Social! Promotional! This is the general format for Gmail accounts and has been followed and adopted heartily worldwide. Email Marketing is the most professional and technical approach to transfer attachment and to make online diverse deals.

eDataIndia has materialized on the tool of email marketing that employs electronic mail for the purpose of delivery of the commercial message. We create marketing content for our clients and then diffuse it to the potential customers by way of email marketing campaign.

The below mentioned pointers underlines our intricately managed email campaigns:


eDataIndia develops concepts so as to increase engagement with your customers.


we create professional design email marketing campaigns

Sending email campaigns

We send email on your behalf thus, preventing you the cost of additional servers or extra internet bandwidth.


Our expert email marketers ensure that the emails are not marked as spams.

Bounced mails

We manage the emails that bounce back.

Opt outs

If anyone is opting out, we acknowledge no as their answer.


We also undertake a track and evaluation of the success for the email marketing campaigns to garner a fair idea of the plan of action for future.

Benefits of roping in eDataIndia for email marketing campaigns:

  • Sought return on investment from day 1
  • Boost sales and revenues
  • Optimize the budget with a pay-as-you-go service.

eDataIndia adopts the following email marketing practices to hit the ground running for its clientele:

Go mobile
Responsive design can generally lead to increase in email clicks. Small screen cannot be overlooked regardless of any marketing channel. We ensurer that every singe aspect of the website design, newsletters, email template and landing pages is responsive. We also add social buttons in the email to increase the success rate.

We step up the pace vigilantly as per the general market behavior, visitors behavior towards brand and hereafter perform the steps.

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