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Mobile Application Development Services

The advent of smartphones and mobile app has brought about a revolution in the lives of human. The communication has advanced stratospherically and one can reach out to his loved ones in the fraction of seconds. Thanks to video calling, one can have the face to face interaction with his kith and kins without the urge to travel to far off places in pursuit of meeting them.

If statistics are to be believed, approximately 340 million shipments of smartphones delivered in the year 2016. Moreover, it is expected that the year 2017 will witness a hike of 9.7 percent as regard the sale of smartphones. Well, interestingly the growth of mobile apps is also witnessing a similar trend. It is no surprise that mobile apps are the most sought after downloaded devices in the world in the current decade.

Consequently, mobile app development is generating ripples in the market and people are extensively using these apps for messaging, listening songs, reading news, social networking, track weather reports, travel and tourism services, buying and selling and much more. The online stores are the one stop shop for downloading apps suiting the requirements of people.

Types of Mobile Apps: – 

  1. Android App Development
  2. iOS App Development
  3. Windows App Development
  4. Hybrid App Development

What eDataIndia has to offer

eDataIndia offers you the latest mobile development trends that would buzz in 2017 in the market out there:

Connection to back-end systems

More and more users are demanding it as it enables you the shopping cart option over mobile phones and it is able to deliver all the services as is the desktop website which implies the app is connected to back-end systems.


Nowadays, people are using mobile phones for the variety of purposes ranging from games, entertainment business and much more. Nevertheless, the question hovering the mind of every individual encompasses the safety and security of the site.

Our mobile app developments are absolutely safe and maintain a perfect balance of security to keep you happy and going anytime anywhere.


eDataIndia ensures full mobility of our mobile apps.


Since eDataIndia is a certified company, our mobile app development services are trusted and fully reliable. Thus, you can be fully assured by associating with us for any sort of business operation.

Good reputation

We have offered our state-of-the-art mobile development services to other reputed clients in the past. Thus, one can always refer to testimonials to have a check on our client dealing capabilities.

Cross-platform functioning

eDataIndia is fully aware of cross data development and our experienced developers get the mobile app development accomplished for a distinctive number of platforms.


Our mobile app development services offer you the added advantage of cost-effectiveness. We give you best options within the stipulated budget that you have in mind.

The current era is technology driven. Mobile has evolved as the star opportunity to boost businesses online. Well, it can only serve the purpose if the business app is efficient. Hiring services of eDataIndia for mobile app development are sure to generate ripples in the digital marketing world and keep the phones ringing off the hook!

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