Photo Masking

Are you desperate to have an affordable image processing team, who can extract standards, required for any image then eDataIndia is well capable to deliver great results. We master photo masking services and give you best of artwork out of blurred and fuzzy edges hence our team can furnish great & decent eye-viewing results isolating backgrounds of photo form most complex images.

Affordable Photo Masking Services – Why to us?

  • Being an outsourcing firm, we are habitual to our client requirements, especially in catalog conversion. Hence we can assist best with photo masking services in creating decent product images, which are very helpful in eCommerce business.
  • Our team is dexterous in handling semi-transparent images, hence where it is a requirement of advertisement display. Our team has no-problem in knocking out background of such images.
  • We are master in different photo masking strategies which ranges from transparency, translucent to alpha channeling. We have no burden in doing so.
  • This work profile requires stiff concentration and dexterous hands. The joys get multiplied, when same standards as your in-house activities come at very affordable prices hence eDataIndia could be a best destination for your outsourcing requirement.

Do contact us for your photo masking services at It will be our pleasure to assist you best. Sample works are always welcome.