Data Capture Services

In contemporary business world, entrepreneur often uses marketing strategy of survey & feedback in order to know about insight of their godsend customers. Here data capture services plays a key role in assemblage of information so that entrepreneur can make insight demographics and his executive can receive estimate of risk management. As to work profile; the job is monotonous and repeated in nature, entrepreneur often requires quality incumbents who can take care of researched data. Entrepreneur prefers to outsource data capture services in order to access latest techniques with high quality. And their preferred destination is India to get services in affordable way. If this is your pursue then we want to highlight that eDataIndia is offering quality data capturing services from India. From here our team can take care of your requirement with the help of dexterous data capturing operators.

Reasons to choose us for Data Capture Services

  • Being a data capturing outsourcing firm, we are quite capable to handle a wide range of data management services, our team is well qualified to furnish all sets of documents and data capturing services.
  • We are already engaged in handling clientele of both public and private sectors with veteran experience in hand, and hence we don’t have any problem in taking bulk data capturing projects with assurance to secure worthy information.
  • As to the process of data capturing service, we are already familiar with manual data entry, OCR scanning and data conversion services hence our clients need not worry about processing. Our team can tackle it efficiently.
  • Our data capturing team can assemble, collect and arrange information in client specified format.
  • We can extract information from analog sources and hence our team can assist in the easy processing of useful information.
  • Extracting quality attributes from online forms.
  • The manual capturing of information and converting selected information to a digitized format.
  • Our specialized data capturing team can reproduce from microfilm format.
  • Secured storage for already processed documents.

Get Extra Advantages with our Data Capturing Services 

  • Experience – More than 7 years of experience with 1500+ successful projects
  • Dedicated Team – Around 100 passionate experts
  • Saving – Quality outsourcing with 65% – 75% saving
  • Discounts – Monthly & Weekly Discounts
  • Free Trial – 7-8 hours of free trial to new clients
  • On Time Deliveries – Completion of the project in a timely manner
  • Trust – Transparent policies
  • Security – Security & non-disclosure assurance
  • Customer Support – Round the clock customer service

Outsource Data Capturing Services – Discuss With eDataIndia

Require any assistance to outsource data capture services? Want this work done at affordable rates? Discuss your project with us today. Establish communication at or via the quick contact form. You also have the option to call us directly at +91-11-27569422. It will be our pleasure to assist your assignment with our best!