Hire Dedicated Full Time Employees Team

eDataIndia gives you the opportunity to have complete control over the Data Entry staff even when working remotely. This is possible by hiring a dedicated Full Time Data Entry Employees Team with eDataIndia.

How FTE works:

  • Hire a full time Data Entry employee on the monthly basis who will work for you and with you.
  • Pay fixed monthly cost with No hidden fees.
  • The FTE will take instructions directly from you.
  • The FTE will deliver the job directly to you.
  • The FTE will be available, in his working hours, for communications via email and Instant Messaging.

Advantages of having FTE with eDataIndia:

  • Gives you control over the team.
  • Team works according to your time zone.
  • Works dedicatedly for you.
  • Saves 1/3rd of the cost you would pay getting jobs done on hourly or quantity basis.
  • No Need to Pay for Every Project in case you hire a full time operator. He would work on any of your projects 5 days a week 8 hours a day.
  • You get one Team Lead free of cost for every 5 FTE hired.
  • Saves you from spending on infrastructure costs, Setup costs all HR related issues.
  • No training cost for every new operator added. Just explain the requirement to our team lead and he will train the team.

Our experienced Data entry team can work on any customized requirement with a short learning curve phase and fast delivery time. You may start with just one or more operators and our quality will make you increase FTE at our end and give you more time to expand business.