PPC Services

PPC refers to Pay Per Click. It has risen as the fastest growing section in the advertising arena as it comprises both traditional and online media.

PPC is now being used for search engines as the advertisers pay for every click that direct the respective users to the web page with help of search engine results and pages.

eDataIndia specializes in the area and offers strategic guidance and tips for effective management of the PPC campaigns.

Our PPC campaigns ensure high return on investment and help our clients save unnecessary expenditure on costs.

Bidding wars

eDataIndia takes into consideration all the factors to generate higher position for ranking in adverts except bidding. This comprises a quality score that aids Google determine the cost per click.

Also, general keywords like “car rental” are costly and generate more impressions than a specific keyword like “inexpensive car rental in Delhi”.

Thus, eDataIndia adopts a clear PPC strategy to attract the right type of people as the competition grows fierce in the market.

Our PPC strategy incorporates the following steps:


This will include

The traditional stuff: undertake an online and offline analysis of the business, customer demographics, industry and competitors.

We build a brand, identity and neatly laid unique selling points.

Defining the goal: eDataIndia focus on delivering conversions in the form of filling in an inquiry form or product purchase. We define the goals to get good ROIs each time.

Check if PPC is a perfect fit for the online strategy

We have the most comprehensive and in-depth researched views on how PPC and SEO can be integrated together for best benefits of both.

Phase 2:

Running the campaigns

Once the phase 1 is finished, we choose how to run the campaign considering the following pointers-

  • Campaign structure
  • Keyword selection
  • Ad wording
  • Landing pages
  • Tracking

Phase 3


Once the above two phases are finalized, the next phase is a vital testing and optimizing phase.

Advantages of Roping in Our PPC Campaigns for Your Business

  • Pay only for what you get
  • Spend what you can afford
  • Accurate targeting
  • Nobody is too small
  • Precise track-ability
  • Fast set up
  • Immediate results