Hybrid Mobile App Development

An insight into hybrid mobile app development

Nowadays every business owner thinks about having a mobile app for their business. Nevertheless, the endeavor also entails a variety of questions like the cost involved, time invested in a development process, whether to go for Hybrid, android platform or iOS platform or both, and much more.

Well, the best answer to all the above-listed queries lies in hybrid apps. These mobile apps are the most feasible solution to native apps and are time-saving as well as cost effective.

What is hybrid mobile app development?

It is contrary to native app development that works on particular mobile platforms like android, windows or iOS. Hybrid apps are tailored to work on multiple platforms like android, iOS or windows. The apps are built using languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To be precise, these are series of Web pages belonging to a website, that are fabricated to work on smaller screens.

Since the web pages are converted to app screens, with0ut the extra effort of creating new pages for an app, this is a testimonial depicting its cost effectiveness and usability.

Lets have a look at why this kind of mobile app development has gained popularity among business owners:

  • Multiple mobile platform functioning
  • The most important benefit is that it doesn’t require separate versions to switch from one platform to another. This is a major drawback of native apps that are required to have separate versions to work on varied platforms.
  • Well, the most popular apprehension about native apps is whether they would be able to provide same performance and efficacy over other platforms like it is in the case of native apps built for a particular platform.
  • The answer lies in the multimedia and graphic richness of the hybrid apps for then anyone wouldn’t be able to spot the difference. With profuseness in graphics and multimedia, it would not be noticeable that it is a hybrid app.

eDataIndia boasts of highly experienced and qualified developers who leverage the existing skills for converting web pages for hybrid mobile app development. Since they are well versed with HTML, CSS, and JAVA Script they can efficiently build apps for any business as desired by their clients.

The popularity of hybrid mobile app development industry can be accredited to:

  • Ability to serve the needs of users on multiple mobile devices
  • Utilization of existing skills without learning a new skill

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