OCR Scanning

Administrators often use OCR Scanning Services to collect information on multiple channels which needs scanning of papers and files. In doing so, they can send importance correspondence, annals to executives digitally or save these records digitally; hence saving a lot of time and labor. If this is your pursue then eDataindia can furnish accurate OCR Scanning services to our global clientele at very cost effective terms.

How eDataindia Can Assist?

  • Being an outsourcing firm, we are familiar with outsourcing assignments and already handling projects of back office support, catalog processing, image processing, data entry etc. Hence furnish all in one tasks to our clientele.
  • We own nice infrastructure and requires hardware for scanning purposes. We have high quality scanners and quiet capable to convert hard copies to PDF, MS Word etc.
  • Our team is habitual with proofreading services and quiet capable to give comprehensive proof reading & indexing services.
  • We can help you to store important correspondence digitally and enable your primary executives to take quick decisions.
  • We can easily manage you image scanning and Indexing
  • We are familiar with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • We can convert in various digital formats like ASCII, RTF, and PDF etc.

Outsource OCR Scanning- Indexing & Editing Benefits in India

We ensure our clientele that we can put our best efforts and confidentiality of information will be our primary focus. Do establish a communication at info@edataindia.com for effective OCR Scanning services. We will be delightful to assist you.


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