The Five Secrets about OCR Scanning Service Only a Handful of People Know

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it refers to the electronic conversion of images of handwritten, printed, or typed text into machine-encoded text. OCR has a wide usage as a form of data entry from such data records that are in printed form. These data records include passport documents, bank statements, invoices, electronic receipts, mail, print out of static data, business cards etc. It is a means of digitizing the printed text so that its electronic editing can be done and it can be stored in a more compact form. It can also be called as a field of research in computer vision, pattern recognition, as well as artificial intelligence. It is used in text mining, machine translation, and key data as well. Many firms or companies also provide OCR scanning services to the bigger enterprises and here are some secrets about these services that one must know:

  • It formats the information in an easy retrievable file and stores it in an electronic form
  • It provides both Data Capture category as well as Text Input
  • The data is converted in such a way that it is free from data entry errors and is integrated in such a way that it is easily readable
  • It uses data capture scanners that can repetitively configure and capture data
  • It uses such input scanner services that enable the user to sort high volume of data and one can also edit it later.

Amazingly, the new versions that have come up are capable of producing a high degree of accuracy for most of the fonts as compared to the earlier ones that needed to be trained with images of every character and dealt with one font at one time. While, some systems reproduce the formatted result that is obtained and closely approximates the original page that includes non-textual components like images and columns.

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