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Search Engine Optimization is a process which is used to generate traffic or hits for a webpage by using natural or free or organic search results of search engine result pages (SERP) of various search engines. It consists of many activities which are responsible for the promotion of websites. It is based on the handy use of keyword, content, and building quality links to promote websites on most important search engines. SEO involves creative standards, content management, Search engines analysis, keywords analysis, directory submission for traffic and top listing in search engines. All these efforts are done under the process of algorithmic SEO.

For achieving success and accomplishing your desired aim SEO Campaign need a series of activities and organized plan to hammer other competitive situations drawn by your rivals.
eDataIndia offer a multiplicity of SEO services, no matter how big/small your business is, our customized package can meet your requirements.

Outsource SEO Services in India

At eDataIndia we are consist of a digital marketing team which is always keen to perform their duty and that’s why we are delivering our projects in a committed time frame to our clients and this is the only reason that you also have to outsource Search Engine Optimization services in India to eDataIndia. We provide number of SEO services to our clients some of them are mentioned below.

Conducting Website Review and Survey

The base and beginning act in the procedure of search engine optimization, includes verification of Search Engine spiders on website. One has to check and list the broken links, updating the missing tags, proper placing of keywords so that right traffic can be generated. All this process comes under great concentration, while conducting a website review, doing correction what you have mistaken during the development. This process may be named as post “On page Optimization”. This initial Process needs

  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Using proper HTML Tags
  • Keyword Optimization & Synonyms
  • Link Optimization
  • Image Optimization

Upon examining your website eDataIndia will extract out your web page’s weaknesses and make them strong so that it can list on various search engines to generate traffic.

Keyword Research

The next prominent attribute is Keyword research, it requires great concentration before finalization because keywords depends on your business services or products, business location or area etc. If you don’t have quality traffic on your website it doesn’t matter how high your website rank on search engines. What a site owner desire “To Get Business” and to fulfill this desire user friendly and SEO friendly keywords are required with proper optimization.


Implementing microdata is a key to enhance search visibility of your website. Some of the benefits of implementing microdata is given below:

  • More Clicks
  • Better Indexing
  • Help Search Engines better understand the info about your products
Website Loading Speed:

Website loading speed is one of the vital component of overall SEO strategy. Improved website speed ensures less bounce rate and improved conversions.

User Experience:

It is top priority thing to ensure the success of SEO campaign. So, having website a mobile friendly website is vital.

Content: As obvious content is the king and having just unique content does not solve purpose. It is highly recommended to ensure content is high quality and it is interest to your targeted users.

Although search engine optimization is a continuous process because of business awareness, eCommerce and changing of Google algorithm; digital marketing needs regular exercise.

eDataIndia has the objective to make an arrangement of outstanding SEO Service to its Clients. We believe in algorithmic/organic (No Black hat techniques) and “be very true to our Clients” SEO results take at least 6 months to see your desired results.

How To Avail SEO Services from eDataIndia

As we told you about the quality of SEO service that we provide, so you can ask us any time for the free trial of our SEO service and then you can continue with us as our loyal client and avail our SEO services without any interruption. Please do contact us for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) outsourcing requirements at or call us at +91-11-27569422.