Catalog Processing Services in India

Catalog processing is the process of organizing all the products along with their specific brands, features, prices, offers, discounts, etc. for an e-commerce website. Moreover, it is one of the most favorable ways to promote the product in the market and to fascinate the customers. Catalog processing is the rapidly growing e-commerce service where entries of the product are being done at the back-end system. So if you have an e-commerce business or an online store and looking for an outsourcing company that can provide quality catalog processing services at reasonable prices, then eDataIndia meets your needs. We have the experience of over 8 years in catalog processing service.

What Includes in our Catalog Processing Services?

eDataIndia provides you a full range of catalog processing services for online stores. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in working on data culled from varied sources (such as websites, physical catalogs, digital images etc.) to display information in generalized format. We have expertise in handling all types of catalog processing projects which include:

  • Adding & Updating Products: We take special care of the consistency for products format while adding or updating products to make an elegant layout on front-end. We at eDataIndia, are able to update products for you on an ongoing bases having a unique approach for each and every online store.
  • Product Categorization: Adding a product within the right category & sub-category is of utmost importance, so that your customers can smoothly find the product they are looking for. Our experts spend a lot of their time in studying your online store.
  • Prices, Discounts & Offers: We can update product prices for you on a regular bases, so that you customers can get precise information about prices. We will also add various discounts & offers to encourage your customers buy the products.
  • Size/Color Availability: We have salient experience in adding & updating sizes, colors, availability & other features of the products. Doing this, your customers will always get perfect information about the product features & availability.
  • Image Processing Service: Clear & beautiful pictures always attract users & indirectly help you in converting them into your customers. And we have expertise in processing product images which includes image correction, enhancement, cropping etc.
  • Catalog Conversion Service: We can also convert suppliers’ paper catalogs to well presented online store. Let us handle all your catalog processing pain by our expert staff.
  • Services For All Major Shopping Cart Platforms: We already own huge experience on various established platforms of shopping carts. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s Magento, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Yahoo or any other customized package. Our team can handle easily, because catalog processing is our core work.
  • Bulk Product Upload Service: We can furnish bespoken catalog processing services and ready to take bulk product uploading projects for online marketplaces including Amazon, Buy.Com, eBay etc. We are specialist in inserting product data feed entry for Google and other establish shopping search engines.
  • Digital Marketing Support: Our experienced digital marketing team is always there to make your product pages search engine friendly so that customers can reach your store easily.

Benefits of Catalog Processing Services That our Clients Get

  • Assurance to complete “all in one task” for catalog processing
  • Products updates on regular basis, without delay
  • Dedicated Graphic Support Services
  • Free trial of 7-8 hours to new clients
  • Transparent privacy & security policies
  • Round the clock technical support
  • 65% to 75% cost of saving in your catalog processing work

Our Methodology

Online catalog processing is a continues operation which requires a standard approach to produce, update & maintain catalogs. And we at eDataIndia, have a standard, yet specialized methodology for each of our projects. The processing is performed by skilled operators under the direction of a project manager who interfaces with you to make your store perfect. The methodology includes following steps:

  • Training: We provide a stringent training for catalog processing to our catalog processing professionals.
  • Complete Study of Your Online Store: Our experts spend a lot of time understanding your e-commerce business, its needs, its products & their categories & sub-categories. In this way we can do full justice with your business & customers.
  • Web Content Production: After the thorough study, we gather, organize & edit product content which includes unique description, features, images, graphics etc. to make your products  attractive.
  • Updating & Maintenance: Catalog processing is an ongoing operation which requires constant updates & maintenance. And this step is included in our methodology just to keep your customers updated with time.

Who to Contact for Outsourcing Catalog Processing services to eDataIndia

Want to discuss about your catalog processing needs & our transparent prices? Contact us today with your specific requirements. Email us at or call directly on +91-11-27569422. We are happy to solve your outsourcing problems!


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