On the floors the eDataIndia has State of Art infrastructure and is worth a mention. Well equipped with the best safety and security measures, eDataIndia has the latest systems and technologies to serve better. eDataIndia has 3 well defined departments : front office & Admin, Production, and Network making all work independently and always available for each other for prompt support.

eDataIndia’s Infrastructure comprises of:

More than 3000 sq feet of area for operations.
More than 100 work stations.
Comfortable and designer furniture.
Dual display available in special project requirement.
Ability to work in time zone suitable to the client.
All systems and Servers are put on UPS in addition to 24 by 7 power supply, backup UPS and Generators.
Mobile Phones, PDAs, USB thumb drives, Cameras, etc. strictly restricted.
Well equipped against Fire, Theft and Earthquake.
Good Storage area with security.

Internet Connections and Networking systems

eDataIndia has its own dedicated IBM  windows 2008 server.
Consists of 2 Leased line connections along with the broadband connections for backup.
Structure networking system.
All networking through D-link CAT 6 cable.
Networking through L-3 switches.

Firewall :

A well defined firewall system to block all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and even ICMP.

Protection Measures:

Structured Network and Windows Login, PC ‘locking’ system.
Single sign on to desktop applications
Secure Remote Access (VPN)
Centralised Antivirus system.
Binding on employees to sign confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements.