Payroll Processing

eDataIndia helps you in cutting your costs by 30 % by providing you customized payroll processing service as compared to getting it done in-house. This also saves you ample amount of time to spend on your core activities.

eDataIndia ensures a trustworthy environment where you can get all your payroll processing done with accuracy, security and within well defined time frames by trusted and experienced advisors.

Outsource Payroll Processing services by eDataIndia:

  • Prepare salaries, overtime , hourly wages, bonuses, incentives, cash tips reimbursements of expenses etc.
  • Processing of pay checks and pay stubs
  • Preparing Accurate paydays and Direct deposits.
  • Keeping secured online payments records for employees access
  • Records of payments to independent contractors
  • Sick pay and vacation track.

Our dedicated advisors are always available for quick and prompt actions to your requirements.