5 Tips to Complete Data Entry Project On Time

Data entry work demands both accuracy and speed. Accuracy is vital as it influences key choices in the company. The information must be up-to-date, or else the time used to do the job will be futile. There are countless ways you can accelerate your freelance data entry work. Listed below are 5 tips that you help you become better at it:

Increase Typing Speed

Being a freelancer, you will need to meet the deadlines, or the clients will lose confidence in you if fail to deliver work. One of the many ways you complete your work on time is to increase the speed at which you type. Increasing your typing speed will additionally help boost your earnings, given that you will have the capacity to take up more projects. You can utilize common software like Mavis Beacon to increase your typing speed.

Use Hotkeys

Valuable seconds are gone when you utilize the mouse. This turns into minutes, and after that, hours. Each second is valuable in data entry; you can make the most of it by utilizing hotkeys. Hotkeys are also known as shortcuts and all data entry program has series of shortcuts. Learn the hotkeys to enhance your proficiency, so you don’t have to lift your hands from the keyboard. To see the hotkeys list, go to your toolbar and select Navigation Help.

Keep Stipulated Working Hours

When you work as a freelancer, it gives you the benefit of working whenever it might suit you. The flexible work hours can be the key to your success in your data entry work – or your failure. When you’re allocated work you may put off beginning the work, telling yourself that you can start later will make you hustling against time. Having fixed working hours will prevent this. Ensure you work on your project when you are most relaxed, and you will observe a spike in your efficiency.

Organize The Files

Data entry jobs are burdensome and tedious, as you will have to accumulate the information yourself. Being organized is the secret to completing projects on time. The last thing you would want to do is search for missing files in your computer, so make a different folder for every task. Put all the data you will need for that job in the folder so that you are able to find them easily. Being organized is the secret to better productivity.


Multitasking is working n at least two assignments at the same time. Holding up to finish one work before beginning another isn’t the most effective utilization of time. The ideal approach to resolve this is to split your window in two. Open your browser in one half, and data entry sheet on the other. Replicating from your browser directly into your worksheet will avoid the mistakes that would have emerged from typing them yourself.

Research has demonstrated that the vast majority of the Fortune 500 Companies outsource 99 percent of data entry work. As an independent data entry professional, you have a wide extent of opportunities accessible to you.

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