Blogging – ABC’s

Its “OK”, you own a business and now your webmaster ask you to have blog and because you are not familiar with “obvious” question comes to you mind “what is blog” and “its role” and “what is to be posted on blog”. Not, what one wants and whosoever planning for blog; wants some solutions for it

So, what is blog?

Each firm whether  it is small or well establish always have something to share, it can be a project details or completion of it or say any every may be a short of social activity.  So, here is blog which post all this working and displaying general information to you consumers. If you have, any offer just put them on you blog, it will engage your reader interaction in parallel there are wide possibility that your network even furnish you valuable feedback’s which too can be used in blog while answering the queries of reader.

What is for post?

It is to be noted that, news defers as per business type. Using blog as tool to communication here content can become boundless. Here you can also post related news of industry; even more one can use it as dairy or upload by posting articles or essay of your opinion.

“Ok” you make mindset for blog – now

The question often arises to this; we would say to use WordPress. As in our case because we think it’s an ideal platform, where we can express so, there are other option too, which can be used to meet your purpose.

What makes blog important is people choice?

Here, you have to publish what your reader are interested in , otherwise you will become yesterday story.

Secondly, it is to be updated regularly if not at-least twice a week. The content which comes in form of comments, feedback are be responded, otherwise reader interaction will be lost.

So if you are planning to blog, plan it beforehand, prepare a role for representation and work continuously.

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