Book Data Entry Services

eDataIndia have an expert opinion in variation of data entry services. Our client receives well secure, with accuracy and time bound services and affordable data entry services. One can have happy outsourcing experience with us. We can assist you in saving your valuable time and more important is to furnish cost cutting services.
If one is searching for reliable services for your resources than eDataIndia is the best suit platform to contact. Sample works are welcome not just as a part of work profile but to win your confidence with our trusted services.

What is this Book Data Entry?

Book Data Entry Services means to convert the hard copy or feedback paper into digitize copy. This service consist conversion of Fiction, Patent Pages, Biographies, Old Record, Magazines or some sort of expert opinion written by intellectual, Philosophical, Handwritten and scanned books image etc.
What do client except in Book Data entry services while outsourcing

  • Systematic classification and user friendly book data entry
  • Customized format as per business requirements
  • Well furnished customer support in the case of Query
  • Time bound delivery with no increment in deadlines
  • Security and Data privacy of confidential data
  • Cost cutting in overall business operation
  • No excuses for accuracy

eBook Conversion Process

The process starts with Appropriating formatting parameters and confirmation by client, Scanning if needed, Segregating contents from graphics with image processing techniques, Optical Character recognition, Word Formatting, Proofreading, Styling , Editing and at last Conversion process end with Finalization of Project.

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