Connection Between Catalog Processing And Catalog Content Management

In the world of eCommerce, a well-organized catalog which is rich in content and easy to navigate is important. The catalog should be able to help the customers in getting the answers to their questions, should have the right information and product descriptions to help the customers make informed decision, should have a great interface for easy navigation and should ensure that the checkout process is smooth. For this, the eCommerce platform relies heavily on catalog processing and catalog content management services.

What is Catalog Processing Services?

The catalog processing services in simple terms is organizing all the product related data in one place. This means that each and every product is grouped with their features like prices, discounts, brands, categories etc. This makes it easier for the customer to search for the desired product from a huge number of product categories. The catalog processing services include adding and updating all the information related to the product with utmost consistency, ensuring right product categorization, which includes putting the product under right category and sub category, updating the ever changing product prices, discounts and offers, updating the size, color, and other additional features of the product, processing product image and bulk product upload services. This ensures that the customer can easily reach the product that he or she is looking for and get the right information to make an informed decision.

What is Catalog Content Management Services?

Catalog content management service encompasses everything that is catalog processing and some more. It includes flawless data entry, where the raw data from various sources is verified, processed and then entered in the system with utmost accuracy. It also includes uploading the bulk product data captured from different file formats on the eCommerce portals, organizing the products in right categories and sub categories, grouping all product information together, editing and updating the information and processing the image. Apart from that the Catalog Content Management Services also include providing the unique and SEO optimized content for the product. This includes uniquely written product descriptions and high quality images.

Catalog Processing and Catalog Content Management

Connection between catalog processing and catalog content management

Both catalog processing and catalog content management services help the eCommerce websites in efficiently organizing their portals. Both also help in uploading bulk products from different file formats. They also ensure that the product is correctly categorized so that the customers can easily find the product they are looking for. Both services also ensure that the platform follows industry standard format. However, catalog content management services are slightly different than the catalog processing service in that it also provides the keyword optimized content for the eCommerce website.

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