Important Role of User Generated Content

By Nisha Rani

Well, SEO proponent asserts “Content is King” but to our opinion “cache is king”. It is being long professed that content can play a significant role in search ranking, but if your content is not cached then what to do with all changes. But as per utilitarian point of view

Content Generation = Cache

So in order to cache, one has to generate content, so that spider & crawlers knows that there are changes on the page.

Well for content generation with little authority to user can give possibility to generate a good sum of content. Here on net, we can notice that many eCommerce sites have given option to product reviews”.  These reviews play a significant role in improving product form short comings. Taking a most common example like Wikipedia, “what do you think, who generate so much content” here just enter the keyword and you will search that results coming from various aspects of science, literature, social, activities, political here each expect in being touched.

Do you thing that “all these could be achieved with individual efforts”, we don’t think so.

Content on Wikipedia is done with collaboration, where certain minded people are coming together and putting themselves better than best.  Hence the result we received is best in form and accurate with exactitude.

If so, there are no results coming out of search, they ask their user to create a page. So it’s a nice strategy. Well, here jut with single step you can generate a lot “User generated content” for your products and more then this is “one can plan strategies”

So give some authority to your consumers and answer their feed-backs, if problems occurs, try to give them utmost solution. All this can lead you to social reputation.

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