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In our earlier article “What is Data Entry requirement “we dotted two types of data entry services, which consists online and offline data entry services. As again we want to assure you that in India data entry services or other IT Enabled services are fastest growing industry requirements covering various aspects of businesses? For example, the key to be successful in e-commerce business is by having the vast online presence. It not a certain; the more you visible online, the better business growth is assured. In this globalized world, it becomes a vital importance for almost every Organization which deals with a variety of products, gadget & services. An online catalog is a prime source of information transfer to godsend clients. So, a catalog can be used to display all products and service related information on your website. Again it is not a certain to assert that “Almost every organization using this feature and other prime methods for developing their business”. Out of these organizations which using offline catalog model usually prefer online by entering the information from their existing hard copies into an online catalog.
So how could Edataindia Assist in your business.
This assist word let us define ourselves to our global customer. So, Edataindia is an Indian company located in New Delhi, India. We provide dedicated, highly skilled services for eCommerce stores. We have been consistently serving our global clients since 2000. Asserting, Indian based company means that we are really affordable because of currency rates, which means same quality to which are habitual with at your in-house. Over the years we have gained perfect blend of converting product catalogs to online catalogs and digital catalogs. As concern to our profile we already experts in various data entry projects, which includes:
1. Manual catalog data entry
2. Catalog conversion
3. Catalog updating and
4. Catalog processing services

So our clients can assume that “EdataIndia provides quality catalog data entry and image processing services to the customers at a cost-effective price”. We are experienced of taking up catalog data entry projects in a large amount from clients with a variety of business processes. If we talk about catalog data entry it plays are major role in processing the product display for variety businesses.
At Edataindia, We have a professional team of data entry operators who are expert in catalog data entry. Our professional team of data entry operators keeps a constant watch on product information and pricing on competitor websites so as to make the updates required to boost search engine rankings.
Our add-on services for catalog processing.
Here we can easily add products on the database from:
– Paper catalog
– Scanned images
– Manufacturer websites or from other source

Product catalogs have been popular since many years because they helped potential customers to browse through a huge selection of products across different categories with descriptions and beautiful product photos to go with it. This helped businesses to generate sales to an extent. Edataindia is handling various services in the respect of E-Commerce and online product entry India services which include:
1- Entering Products by checking bar-code numbers
2- Product Image Editing clearing Images, as many times we have to process image editing
3- Uploading product on Database
4- Managing product on Database

For over 7 years, Edataindia has been delivering the fastest, most accurate and secure data entry services to every size of business and government organizations.

We promise you that your collaboration with us through our catalog services and product data entry services will not only be cost effective but also just the type of quality you were looking for. Each project is given equal importance because we believe that proper reporting and communication is the backbone for outsourcing business.

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