Psychology of customer Via Search engines

It is assumed in general that the site which is ranking on the top listing or saying with more concession; site listed on the first page are one of best place in the field they are pursuing for a specific service.   This visibility and source light create an assurance to the customer that listed website is capable of accepting the challenge on specific task and of course they are the best in the services

While coming to the main subject; it is to be noted that customer decision are often uncertain.  Some time they come to just a general inquiry and takes the decision later. Well what I want to assert in searching items is specifically smarter choice by customers, what they do is preference to dig deeper, and in process they compare pursue in comparison to pricing listing. Do the specific site, match to their budget, if “yes” then they will proceed further.

It is sure that listing on the first page will definitely drive traffic but customer conversion really  but all such depend on your pricing page, which is consider as non productive page, but it is reality whenever your target customer arrives on the site, he / she will definitely pursue the listing details and that is major concern,  owner often ignore this page, which is non-productive but almost responsible for the conversion ;  in knowing the importance many firm especially employ to update their ecommerce site and product information on frequent basis.  Doing all this, have great deal of money as media advertising is often expensive when you tend to sell locally.

What to customer watch on the site?

It would be myth to consider that customer don’t know about the service or product; actually they have seen the demonstration, even many of them are familiar with the  product’s you intending to sell them.

“What they tend for is for affordable prices”

So the listing on the first page, actually can’t assure landing for services. Now day’s customer tends to move deeper pages, up to 5 pages, even don’t hesitate to leave search engine, if they don’t find so and search in niche directories of particular business. They can go up 5 to 6 pages in the search engine, shortlist all the websites, add them to excel. They also check out the availability of coupon or some sort of special offer, which could make a cost cutting.

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