Social Media – Best Source to Publicize

In our previous article we tried to emphasized about the importance of social media with daily usage and tit bit about ‘how they are assisting indirectly to advertising industries”. Well as concern to the title topic, there are various industries, ranging wide, who are actually taking benefits in some form. It is to be noted that social media is acting as remedy or say benefactor to the ecommerce sites, as assisting in to determine the important assets to whom people are subtly interested.

Basically it is positive point for the local shop keeper or online store owner, who actually selects only those products which are on the boom or having some market demand. Side by side it assists the manufacture to have a review who would not like to take risk of producing products of low opinion.

Why do companies prefer social media?

  •  To know the opinion about their existing brand and creating empathy or consideration they want from their product hence to know the core interest
  • Considering the features of product, as real experience comes out from the mouth of user.
  • They want to think critically about their business / products / services.
  • To make a social campaign, so in process they can publish feature of future product, newsletters and link them to social media sites, hence earn a decent traffic for real source.

Hence the conclusion could be drawn that social media is cultivating a set of connoisseurs, who notice the insights and experience comes out from the real people with process of brainstorming which firms usually put in form of question at discussion.

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