What is Textual Data Entry?

what is textual data entry

Data entry is the most mundane yet an important aspect of a business’s smooth running. Textual Data entry is a process of transferring information into the computer through software that manipulates data into computerized language. Data entry services can be done manually or through an electronic device that feeds data automatically.

There are several types of data entry serving different company prerequisites. They include;

  1. Data Processing
  2. Textual, Image , Printed Data Entry
  3. Form Processing
  4. Online and Offshore Data Processing
  5. Medical Transcriptions
  6. Web Mining
  7. OCR processing
  8. Catalog conversion
  9. E-publishing
  10. Book Data Entry

The simplest of data entry formats is point the mouse at the computer screen and select an appropriate answer to questions whereas the question might be in the form of text, images, graphics or numbers. Textual Data Entry is the most easiest and common form of data entry type. Textual data entry refers to input of data into computerized language through the use of keyboard. Numbers, letters, alphanumeric, characters are few types of inputs for textual data entries.

Textual data might be entered as tables, specific formats, constrained message format and/ or free texts. The use of textual data entry is effective on every commercial business operation especially in eCommerce.

There are advantages and disadvantages of textual data entry, though the benefits weigh heavily over the drawbacks.


  • Cost effective
  • Requires minimal skill level
  • Requires minimum man power
  • Requires no infrastructure
  • Saves training and recruiting time
  • Flexible


  • More clerical work
  • Time consuming
  • Very mundane and unproductive labour work
  • 100% accuracy cannot be achieved due to misinterpretation and typography errors
  • Least favoured job by skilled proficient

Since textual data entry primary mode of transfer is by human touch through manual data input devices such as keyboard, mouse, stylus, touch screen etc. the chances of clerical errors are more, resulting poor outcome. Therefore, recent developments adhere to voice data entry through speech recognition software.

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