Things to Consider While Categorize Product in an Online Store (E-Commerce Website)

How awesome is it to look for a product online, quickly find exactly what you’re looking for, and be able to buy with no trouble? Feels like you are lucky, isn’t it?
On the other hand, how annoying is it to need to click to find the product you want, only to realize that you have to click around a lot of times — or even worse, it is not there on the site at all and you just wasted your time.
E-commerce websites require a special amount of detail and a great amount of ease-of-use to be a successful one. A big part of the UX (user experience) of e-commerce websites lies in correctly categorizing the products. If you can master the science of product categories, you’re well on your way to a great UX… and more sales! You can categorize products for your e-commerce site by following three easy steps.


Avoid over-categorization

Excessively number of categories, obscurely worded categories, categories with very few items in them — all these will be frustrating and baffling for customers and could discourage them from purchasing from you.

There’s a propensity among online business organizations, as opposed to setting aside the opportunity to precisely categorize, subcategorize, and filter products, to rather toss things on the webpage as a category. But not everything needs to be a category of its own. Remember this: filters are your friend.

Know your target customer

Online business websites are about UX. How good (or badly) you classify your items will decide how long a client remains on your site, and regardless of whether they end up buying a product. Knowing your target client will give you direction on the most proficient method to structure your categories since you’ll know definitely what they’re searching for and the terms people use to describe it.

And finally, keep in mind, the more pages your user has to visit; the less likely they are to buy. One popular recommendation is to follow the Rule of 3: Don’t make users click more than three times to get to the products they want.

Use analytics to track your success

The excellent thing about websites, web-based business, AdWords campaigns, and so forth is that nothing is an unchangeable reality. You can simply change, modify, or change course altogether. The most ideal approach to know whether your present method of doing things is working is to utilize analytics. You’ll see (in addition to other things) what number of visitors you’re getting, what individuals are clicking on, how long they’re remaining on each page, and regardless of whether they’re purchasing from you. You’ll know a lot to help you correctly categorize your items and satisfy #2 above, Know your target client.
These studies imply that you should exhibit your products painstakingly and without overwhelming your consumers. That consists of not putting too many products on a page, not having too many images for an individual product, and displaying like-items in rows.




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