How to Write an Amazon Product Description?

Amazon Product Description

You have to understand the buyer first for writing catchy and appealing product descriptions. The product description will guide the buyer regarding the product and help them to buy it. It is your call to understand these things carefully as an online seller at Amazon. You tell all the essential details of the product you are selling online through the appealing product description.

Know Your Audience

You have to imagine that you are representing the brand of the particular product online. Then, try to understand the buyer’s requirements and share the customer’s details regarding the product. It will become easy for them to purchase the product or not. The product is helpful to fulfil their requirement or not. Example: You are selling Indian outfits like sarees and suits online then, mention all the adjectives related to the product that says its quality and material.

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Things to Consider Writing Amazon Product Description

As a seller, you will love to describe your product. Describe it but mention all the essential details that include features and the advantages of the product. Example: You sell the smartphone online then, tell about its battery, camera and screen quality.

Keep the Product Title Length Short.

Tell only the critical information to the customers in the product description. Keep the things in a short and precise way. Therefore, the buyer can grasp all the details they want to have regarding the particular product.

Use Bullet Points for Long Product Descriptions

You are describing the smartphone in the product description. Prepare all the descriptions to mention the phone, camera, battery, RAM, ROM and screen in bullet format. It is convenient for the customer to read and get an idea regarding it.

Choosing the Best Keywords for the Product

Mention only the particular product in the description. You can research for the best keywords. Example: You are selling a saree then, tell about its fabric, color and design.

Mention Features of Product

Do the complete research regarding the product at the time to prepare the description. Describe all the features. Example: In the case of the washing machine, tell about its weight, motor, warranty, price and guarantee.

Benefits of Product

Many companies are selling the same types of products in the market. It depends on you how to bring out the benefits of your product by describing it so that the customer buys your product only.

Product Specifications

Keep the formal tone of the product description by describing the particular specifications of the product. Adding a dash of humour with an engaging style will make it look appealing to the customer. They may make their mind to buy the product from you.

Guaranty/Warranty of Product

Make the things clear in the description about the guaranty/warranty of the product. You sell the fridge and washing machines online. At that time, the guarantee period overall product is one year and is different on some specific parts of the products.

Included in Package

You decide to write the product description and keep in mind that your motive is to make customers’ lives easier. Tell them that the product’s price and packaging cost are included together or separate in the description.

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