Things to Consider While Writing Product’s Description for Amazon

Product descriptions are an integral part of any eCommerce website. Many people are under the impression that the customers go buy on the face value of the product and do not read the product descriptions. However, the truth is that a lot of people do read the descriptions and it influences their buying decisions. This is why, writing a high quality product description on Amazon is of extreme importance. Here are a few things to consider while writing the product description for Amazon.

It must differentiate the item

Product description is meant to make the customer more aware of the product. However, one of the biggest purposes of the product description on Amazon is to give a reason to the customer to buy the product. If there are many other products of the same type on the same or different website then the product description must tell how it differs from the others. Usually, it is about identifying the USP of the product and emphasizing it in the description.

Emphasize the benefits more than features

One of the biggest mistakes most of the people make while writing product description is that they focus more on the features than the benefits. For example, a product description for a smartphone may highlight that it has 4GB RAM and XYZ processor with 3.5GHZ speed. But, it is a feature and may not seem relevant to everyone, especially the layperson. On the other hand, the description lays more focus on the benefit, it will attract more attention. Such as, “With this RAM and high speed processor your phone becomes very fast even if you are running heavy apps and games.”

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Long title is not necessarily the best choice

You must have noticed that the writers have started using long titles with the product descriptions on Amazon. This is indeed an emerging trend among all such sites. But that is not always the right way to go. The title should not be too short as it may fail to give the required information. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be so long that it gets boring and little difficult to read. Make it medium-sized and eye-catching.

Maintain legibility

The product description should be easy to read. Use short, meaningful sentences. Avoid long-winding sentences. The paragraphs should also not be too long. 3-4 lines are enough. If the paragraph is going too long break it into parts. Long paragraphs are difficult to read.

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