Web Content Mining in Data Mining Services

Web Content Mining in Data Mining Services

Today’s world is a world of internet increasing the need of using World Wide Web at a rapid rate to enhance operational excellence of businesses. Web Content Mining also known as Text Mining is one of the data mining techniques which are used to explore different patterns from the World Wide Web. The process involves mining, extraction and integration of vital data.

Web content mining can be broadly can be classified into three main categories as mentioned below:

  • Content mining
  • Structure mining
  • Usage mining

Since web is flourished with e-commerce sites these days, need of using web content mining has been increased subsequently. Web mining allows businesses structure their data in orderly manner on their sites. This further augments the user experience as customer visiting on the site can easily locate the products or services they are looking for, they do not have to search a lot. Thus, this can be said that the web mining is vital to the growth of a business having e-commerce site.

Thus because content is changing everyday on web, business needs to adopt methods of data mining and web mining is one of those. Web content mining helps to explore more and more information opportunities onto the web and that too in specific and organized manner.

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