What is Flash Animation Design?


Flash is a powerful tool with the help of which you can enhance the look and feel of any website. It is authoring software with pre-planned elements to help create vector graphic based animations programs. If used correctly, it can give boost to your website. The software provides you interactive website with simple navigation and graphic illustration. This multimedia platform helps you in adding interactive animation, videos and other graphics to your website, making it visually appealing and offer better user engagement. With this software, designers can realize results that are not achievable with simple HTML or CSS. Here are some of the benefits of using Flash animation design.

  • The Flash animation design can be used to give your website a vibrant and dynamic look to enhance the visual experience of the visitor as well as providing them better interactivity and navigation menu. With videos, music files, pictures and other striking visual elements, the whole look and feel of your website can be changed.
  • Flash animation design can be viewed across all the leading browsers whether it is Chrome, Firefox or IE. All you need to do is to install the Flash Plugin to view the content.
  • You can create a virtual tour of your website using Flash animation, which gives a fun way for the visitors to know more about you, with enhanced user engagement.
  • If you want to use special fonts on your website, you simply have to replace the text element on the HTML with Flash. However, it is not advisable to replace all the text in your website with Flash equivalent, as search engines are not able to index images properly, and thus poses a problem with search engine ranking.

There are several benefits of using Flash animation design to make your website more attractive but you have to be cautious to not overdo it. Flash animation may grab the attention to your website, but without proper content and right information, it is impossible to engage your user. Flash content takes time to load. Today users are time savvy and do not linger more than a few seconds on any website, where they are not able to see any useful information. Therefore, if you have a Flash intro for your website, make sure that there is a skip intro option for the users.

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